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Coaching approach with specific adventures added which take you to the very end of your comfort zone and get to know yourself in unknown and challenging environments.


Coaching approach for teams and organizations with specific adventures added. It will take your team members to the very end of their comfort zone and challenge them in unknown and demanding environments.


We will take your team on breathtaking adventures. Outdoor adventures like mountain biking, hiking, via ferrata climbing, and rock climbing will take your team out of the comfort zone and give you much more insight into your life than your everyday routine.


Do you want to put your mind at ease and enjoy beautiful nature during an outdoor adventure?

Join us on breathtaking adventures in Vipava Valley and other parts of Slovenia.

Our coaching is designed for an individual or a team who wants to

  • improve awareness of their natural talents and strengths through coaching and
    outdoor adventures
  • gain greater confidence and empowerment
  • enhance performance at work and community
  • build strategies for personal success
  • manage what they don’t do best and focus on getting the most from their most vital strengths

How It Works

Introduction & Inner Exploration

With the help of the professional and internationally recognized Gallupstrengths® coaching method, we help you identify your leading talents and understand how to use them to become a better you.

Building Awareness & Discovering Your Strengths

We enhance awareness of your talents with the help of the CliftonStrenghts®
questionnaire and further understand them by using three main steps: name, claim,
and aim it. Additionally, we help you build awareness of how to use them properly to
gain greater confidence and empowerment.

Adventure Time

Now we embark on your adventure. When we step out of our comfort zone, at least
temporarily, new internal and external challenges appear. We usually face the system’s
natural responses when something is no longer familiar, such as doubts, fears, strain, or
limitations. That’s the time to discuss talents and how to turn them into strengths that will help you achieve your goals.

Final Review

In the end, we prepare a closing evening (or an online meeting), discussing what we
have experienced, and learned. We also consolidate the outlined personal strategies
for the future to use your strengths for a better life. The program can be upgraded in
different professional directions – for example, with specialized therapists, sports
experts, etc.



Exploring diversity while hiking in nature.


Easy to moderate biking or e-MTB tours.


Sport climbing or via ferrata for everyone.

Reach out for any inquiries and questions.