Adventure & Coaching


About Us

The Adventure&Coaching team is a group of individuals who combine personal development and learning about their talents through active spending time in nature.

We help everyone on the path of self-discovery, developing their abilities, looking for excitement, or their inner strengths and self-confidence. We are here to help you realize your potential and achieve your goals.

Our mission is to help exceptional individuals recognize their talents and sources of inner strength. That can help them achieve their goals and find other ways of learning and working full of satisfaction, fulfillment, success, and growth.

In addition to monitoring and advising individuals, we also offer adventure coaching to organizations that want to reach their full potential by bringing out the best in their employees.

With Gallupstrengths® coaching, we help the individual to think systematically about his talents and way of working. Further, we help him set down the steps to use those talents and his authentic way of working to achieve personal goals and the goals of the organizations in which he works.

Insight into your current situation, dreams, and wishes, as well as the obstacles that challenge you in achieving your desires, is crucial for us. Then, with the help of knowing your talents and your way of working, we can map out a path with essential factors for success, including the outdoor experience.


    In everyday life’s familiar environment and routine, we often forget how to access our inner strengths. Time spent in unknown territory, especially in nature, combined with the appropriate physical effort, often puts us outside our comfort zone. That can help us with insights that come from our talents and strengths.

    During the outdoor adventure and otherwise, we accompany you throughout the entire process, in which you get to know yourself on a deeper level and gain new knowledge through this experience.

    In addition to your talents, you also learn new adventure skills to set off more confidently on the path to achieving your goals. After completing the adventure, we plan to use the unique skill set for future challenges. Finally, we also prepare a plan with you to live a set of new inner knowledge and skills in your everyday life to align with your potential and desires.

    We are here to help you discover the unknown. So, naturally, it is important to us that the entire process of adventure coaching is tailored to you, comfortable enough for you – and that you enjoy it!

    Simon Ušaj

    A certified Gallupstrengths® coach, alpine instructor, and MTB guide of the Alpine Association of Slovenia. I have a master’s degree in International Economics from the University of Ljubljana and an MBA in Glasgow. In addition, I have 20 years of work experience in business, mainly in the field of organization, management, international trade, and production management. I currently manage a business unit with 200 employees. I am responsible for their development, organizational development, business strategy and implementation, and business results. In addition, I gained coaching experience as a manager facing practical day-to-day business challenges (FMCG). Most of the time, I have worked in business development, focusing on employee engagement, efficiency, production, sales, marketing, and process and organizational productivity improvements.

    In my experiences, I have learned that we are all more connected and prosperous when we focus on our strengths and the strengths of our friends and colleagues. It is always in favor of individuals and companies to help us and our coworkers see and develop their talents and achieve their goals. My primary motivation is building awareness of our uniqueness and my passion for personal growth, growing organizations, and creating a better world.

    Boštjan Mikuž

    is a nature lover, an entrepreneur, and a man who believes that every person acts from his inner good. He is enthusiastic about sports in nature, such as mountaineering, climbing, cycling, running, and hiking. Through the rich experience that sports and business activities gave him, he learns the importance of sustainable development at all levels of society – organizations, processes, and people. He is convinced that sustainable development begins with a change in awareness, a change in individual perception, and a change in human consciousness.

    He is the director of one of the most significant trail-running events in Slovenia, UTVV Slovenia, and co-founder and co-organizer of the biggest trail-running events in Slovenia, such as Julian Alps Trail Run and UltraXChampionship. He is also a mountain climbing instructor, tour cycling guide at UIAA, and in a training process for a professional international mountain guide (IFMGA). In the past, he gathered knowledge of managing organizations and operations in a large multinational company as the production director with more than 200 employees. He has been running the company and tourist agency Alpe Adria Adventurers d.o.o. for the 4th year.

    He shares similar values with Simon and believes in developing organizations and broader society through developing individuals who work and participate in these organizations and society. He is primarily motivated by the development of the individual’s personality, thereby contributing to a better tomorrow both in the immediate community and the wider world.