Adventure & Coaching



Coaching approach for teams and organizations with specific adventures added. It will take your team members to the very end of their comfort zone and get to know themself in unknown and challenging environments. Program covers:

– Online/in-person coaching sessions before the main adventur

– Adventure time

– Evaluation and setting of personal strategies

Our coaching is designed for team leaders/managers/CEOs who want to:

  • improve awareness of employees’ natural talents through coaching and/or in combination with outdoor adventures
  • have team members and employees with greater confidence and empowerment
  • have an employee who knows their unique talent DNA and efficiently uses it with teammates and other employees
  • improve performance in an organization, transferred to the community
  • success despite their team member’s weaknesses with the concepts and strategies that help their team manage (and not fix!) what needs to be fixed.
  • focus on getting the most from team members’ strengths.

How does the coaching look?

Introduction – getting to know each other

We get to know your team at an introductory interview. Then, we define organizational wishes, goals, and preferences through the conversation. According to those, we outline the main stages in our coaching sessions.

Then, we determine the primary schedule and course of coaching. We also agree on the necessary preparations, equipment, and other operational matters.

Introduction & inner exploration

With the help of the professional and internationally recognized Gallupstrengths® coaching method, we help your team members identify their leading talents and then allow the team to:

• understands their talents and strengths as an individual (name it),

• learn how talents work and what unique things they can offer as an individual to others, the organization, and the world (claim it),

• through these insights, outline how to use their talents to become more successful in achieving what is essential to them – and how to develop their potential further (aim it).

Why do we include adventures in the coaching process?

When we step out of our comfort zone, at least temporarily, new internal and external challenges appear. We usually face the system’s natural responses when something is no longer familiar – such as doubts, fears, strain, or limitations.

As your coaches and guides, we always accompany your team. We support your team in persevering in the chosen challenge despite the challenges.

We carry out an adventure of your choice (a one – or several-day stay in the Vipava Valley or elsewhere in Slovenia). Depending on the program’s part, experienced guides (alpine, cycling, mountaineering, etc.) and other certified colleagues are always with you during the adventure.

Using adventure experience helps us better understand how talents work and what unique things you can offer as an individual to others, the organization, and the world. We will better understand when a specific skill empowers the team and when it doesn’t.

Our main goal will be to build an organizational environment based on empowerment, strength development, and confidence that helps satisfy individual and corporate goals.

Turning talents into your strengths (aim it)

After our voyage (adventure or classical coaching) of discovering your strengths and talents, there will be a wrap-up session (immediately or most likely after some physical and mental rest).

This final stage will help you define further steps to use your talents better in real life in an organization, company, and community.

With our help, you will quickly understand and use your strengths and get to know that you are uniquely powerful.

Take advantage of your potential and shine!