How It Works

*Below you will find the basic method and platform of our adventure coaching. However, we can adapt the program, outdoor adventure, and destination to the individual’s goals and wishes. The program can be designed for an individual or a group. The expected course is as follows.

Getting to Know Each Other

We get to know each other at the introductory interview and define your wishes, goals, and preferences. Then, we determine the primary schedule and course of coaching. We also agree on the necessary preparations, equipment, and other operational matters.

Inner work and awareness – for individuals

What are your talents?

How do you operate?

What are your abilities, and how do you use them to help you achieve your goals?

What do you want to become, and what is holding you back?

With the help of the professional and internationally recognized Gallupstrengths® coaching method, we help you identify your leading talents and then;

• understand your talents and strengths as an individual (name it),

• learn how talents work and what unique things you can offer as an individual to others, the organization, and the world (claim it),

• through these insights, outline how to use your talents to become more successful in achieving what is important to you – and how to develop your potential further (aim it) – this part is carried out even after the outdoor experience has been completed.

As a rule, the first part is carried out weekly through online meetings, namely 3-4 times before the outdoor adventure itself.

Getting to know one’s strengths and our colleagues’ strengths – for organizations

In the introductory part of the particular program for organizations, we offer selected individuals an online Gallupstrengths® test. The test helps them understand and recognize their talents in the manner of the three main steps described above (name it, claim it, aim it).

During the outdoor adventure, we collect the talents of all colleagues together. With this, we see how individuals work in a group and what enables and inhibits excellent team performance.

By understanding and acknowledging the skills of everyone, we work more successfully and build a culture based on the empowerment of individuals and the development of their strengths and trust between members.

All this contributes to the satisfaction and success of both the individual and the organization.

Outdoor Adventure

That is where we embark on your adventure. When we step out of our comfort zone, at least temporarily, new internal and external challenges appear. We usually face the system’s natural responses when something is no longer familiar – such as doubts, fears, strain, or limitations.

As your coaches and guides, we always accompany you. We support you in persevering in the chosen challenge despite the challenges during an adventure of your choice (a one- or several-day stay in the Vipava Valley or elsewhere in Slovenia).

Depending on the program’s part, experienced guides (alpine, MTB, IFMGA, etc.) and other certified colleagues are always with you during the adventure. Also, sleeping outdoors at selected destinations can be organized. Through the experience, you acquire some new movement and living in nature skills.

You can find a selection of some possible adventures in the Adventures section. Still, we can adapt the final outdoor adventure to individual interests.

During the adventure itself, and especially immediately after it, we also have structured conversations about talents, mainly in the direction of self-knowledge. The questions below help us to look deeper at the experience.

What did you learn about yourself?

What surprised you? Have you overcome any fear?

How did you feel?

Did the experience take you out of your comfort zone?

Finally, as much as possible, we integrate the skills and knowledge gained on the adventure into your daily activities.

As a result, you learn how to use recognized talents and direct new skills to overcome everyday obstacles.

Overview, Conclusion & Next Steps

In the end, we prepare a closing evening (or an online meeting), discussing what we have experienced and learned. Further, we consolidate the outlined personal strategies for the future.

Then, after a particular time, we meet again (usually online) and discuss how integrating and using new knowledge in everyday life went.

What worked for you, and what didn’t?

Which changes stuck and which didn’t?

And above all, what else can we do for you?

Personal transformation is not a finite process but a constant practice that we learn to develop.

The program can be upgraded in different professional directions – i.e., with specialized therapists or sports experts, and for other group goals (top management of larger companies, individuals, etc.)